4 Years ago when I decided to get my first German Shepherd Willow I knew I wanted to train her but also knew having done training classes in the past that I wanted something better for her.

Yvonne’s class was it!

Her gentle method of praise and reward training was not only kinder but more importantly worked. Plus it was clear from each class I attended that she was not only knowledgeable but really cared about the health and wellbeing of all the dogs that attended. She showed me and other owners a new way to think when it came to training and I saw the benefits to both the dogs and the owners. Classes were not only educational and beneficial but fun.

When I had my second dog Rav I bought him to class too and since beginning our training both me and my dogs have gained in knowledge and confidence so much. Rav passed his Gold test for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme in December 2017 and Willow is currently working towards hers. This would never have been possible without the support and encouragement I have received along with way.

When I had some quite severe reactivity issues Yvonne’s knowledge and understanding was unquestionable but more importantly for me was her guidance and encouragement to work through the problems.

The result was two far more confident dogs and one much happier owner.

So thank you Yvonne, I shall continue to attend classes and continue to learn.

Alison Brant. 22/8/18

"Yvonne tested Glen on his Gold Good Citizen (he passed) at the end of January '15 and we stayed on for her Rally Taster session and were hooked. We have since had two useful Rally training evenings with her, plus some excellent 1-2-1s on Rally. Her help, advice and encouragement have been really good, as have her tips from her experience as a top level Rally competitor. At our very first Rally show at the beginning of April '15, both dogs achieved 'excellent' qualifying scores in their two classes and Scott even gained a place rosette."

After 3 shows both have gained level 1 & 2 titles at 'excellent standard' also came 1st & 2nd in level 2.

“July 15: After a further 4 Rally shows both now have their level 4 titles and are about to start working levels 5 and 6! We have collected some very good scores and places, including wins at levels 3 and 4, despite having been doing Rally for such a short time. With minimal previous training on anything except agility, Yvonne’s 1-2-1 training sessions, and her monthly evening Rally classes, have been crucial to our success. Both now working level 6.

June 16: Scott gained his L6 title at Runcorn show, Glen having gained his in Feb. The grounding Yvonne has given us has encouraged us to try competition obedience too, with success.

April 17: Back to rally with 8-month pup Zac & new-to-us Maddie – thanks to Yvonne’s workshops, after the minimum number of shows, Zac has RL1ex and Maddie both RL1ex and RL2ex. Zac passed Silver and Maddie Gold at Best k9 School 6/12/17.

Jean Tuck

Monty started his life with us when he was three years old. Monty was a gentleman in the house and we loved him almost instantly, he proved to be brilliant with our three year old granddaughter and they have continued to be the best of friends. There were however some issues that we needed help with; I knew we needed to make some head way and fast. Walking Monty on a lead was virtually impossible and extremely unpleasant, and once in a field he would drop down to the ground and be in hunting mode. I approached Yvonne shouting help please and quickly!

We started in Yvonne’s beginner class in April, Yvonne’s help and approach was amazing, always professional but human and comical when appropriate. By June Monty could perform all the requirements of the bronze grade and passed with flying colours in July, shortly after Monty also won first place rosette in the class awards.

Lead walking is much better and field walking is now amazing with recall getting better every day. Monty runs alongside me when cycling and is very healthy and happy. Hopes for the future are silver/gold awards, agility maybe even some gun dog training for fun. Monty loves the classes and the work/learning ethic. We can’t thank Yvonne enough.

Sue & Steve



KC Bronze Good Citizen. July 2014

Passed Silver 19.11.14

I had done the Good Citizen bronze, silver and gold awards with my dog, Ellie, and wanted to do a bit more, but without getting too serious about it. A friend then introduced me to a pre-beginner class run by Yvonne.

Yvonne is always patient, kind and supportive. She encourages you and is pleased with every success, however small.

This year I entered Ellie in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Pre-Beginner Stakes. We won a class which qualified us to enter the Semi-Final at ‘Discover Dogs’ at Earl’s Court on the 14th November 2010.

Thanks Yvonne, this is all down to your encouragement and training!

Lesley Harvey, Audley.

Also qualified and competed at Crufts 2015

I have known Yvonne in a professional capacity as a Dog Trainer for over 8 years. Yvonne has deservedly achieved the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors award – which is also validated by City and Guilds National Proficiency Training Council which to date only a small number of dog trainers across the country have attained. Yvonne now mentors other instructors in working towards and achieving this award.

I have attended her beginners competition obedience classes with my own dog and found them to be both enjoyable and constructive. She uses positive and effective training techniques which work with the dogs to achieve the desired results and she is further able to suggest a range of exercises to meet each individual handler’s and dog’s needs in developing their work. All the handlers and dogs present enjoyed the classes and made good progress towards their goals. Yvonne has a very approachable and supportive manner which backed up by her obvious expertise in training makes her a very effective trainer. I have also observed Yvonne working with companion dogs at various levels and again would recommend her style and techniques to be beneficial to most handlers and their dogs.

In addition, I can further recommend Yvonne as a Kennel Club Good Citizens examiner as she has examined at my own centre on several occasions. Her approach was very professional and fair and helped my handlers to show themselves and their dog to their best ability.

In conclusion, if you are looking for somewhere to train your own puppy or older dog in basic obedience or have mastered the basics and want to go further with your training using fair, fun and effective methods (whether into competition or not) I would thoroughly recommend Yvonne’s classes.

Hazel Shimmin. Shrewsbury.

I find Yvonne extremely professional, friendly and helpful. She’s always on call to help you sort out any problems with your dog. The techniques used help your dog to understand and respond to this very kind and rewarding method of training.

Chris Sherwin.

Libby at Crufts


I have known Yvonne since we met on a course at the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers in 2003.

Like me Yvonne is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor with a specialism in Companion Dog Training. I know the work and study involved in obtaining this qualification and it is the only dog training qualification recognised by the City and Guilds NPTC. Yvonne is also a Kennel Club Approved Examiner at all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. She has often judged at my Club where she has an understanding and sympathetic attitude to both handlers and dogs. She was a Team leader for the Bronze Display Team at Crufts in 2008. Two of her own dogs have gained the Bronze Good Citizen Award and three achieved the Gold award. Yvonne’s dogs have also competed in Agility.

Yvonne has competed in Obedience Competitions for 18 years and now judges at Open Obedience Shows. She has trained Pet Dog handlers for over 25 years and has taught the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme since 1996. She now also teaches The Kennel Club Special Pre-beginner Obedience Classes.

I have seen how Yvonne handles her own dogs and trained with her. I know Yvonne uses reward based methods at her training classes and shows an understanding of both handlers and dogs. I attended her Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes with my young GSD where we gained our Silver and Gold Awards.

Yvonne displays both an academic and “hands on” knowledge in her dog training and I am sure anyone will enjoy training with her.

Christine Stubbings


I must have been a nightmare for Yvonne. I had 'done a bit', but 30+ years ago, and with biddable breeds. My dog is a rescued Lurcher X Terrier, with issues, and the methods I was using just weren't working.

Yvonne has had to re-educate both myself and my dog, and her advice and encouragement has taken us to a happier relationship, and even show-ring success! Thank you Yvonne.

Carole Cottrell.

Pictured is our gorgeous

cocker spaniel, Skye, who, at just under a year old, has recently achieved her bronze award. Skye and I have been going to Yvonne’s Biddulph Moor class since January of this year and have really enjoyed them and learnt so much. We can’t praise Yvonne and Paige enough – they are brilliant teachers. We will both really miss going to the classes during the summer holidays, but Skye and I are looking forward to starting our ‘silver’ work in September.

Darren and Skye (July 2011)

Passed Silver 2011

We adopted Gracie, two years ago from the Retired Greyhound Trust. Gracie had raced in Brighton & Birmingham but luckily for us had lost form and was retired early. We joined Yvonne's class in the summer of 2011. Although Gracie was three when we joined, we started in the puppy class as she was learning how to be a family dog, just like a puppy.She didn't know any commands or how to play. With Yvonne's help and guidance, Gracie passed Bronze last year and recently achieved Silver. We are very proud of her.

Janet & Neil Weaver (20/5/13)

Passed Gold 1.8.13


Hi Yvonne. Just to let you know that !'m glad I came and had some training with you. Hermann and I have been out and about and gaining confidence together. We have been putting a lot of the little exercises together to make walking a pleasure again.

Thanks so much for the advice and help.

Warwick and Hermann.

"We started taking our puppy, Winnie, to Yvonne's classes when she was about 6 mths old.

She's really developed a lot and loves being around dogs.

I feel that Winnie has benefited tremendously from an early start to training and is maturing into a content and well behaved dog.

I have learned so much from Yvonne's classes and feel confident as a first time dog owner.

Jo Sproston 7/12/15