My Approach

I use reward based training methods (positive reinforcement) with a sympathetic and non-aggressive

approach. I continue to attend courses and training seminars to maintain my knowledge base and keep up to date with new techniques. Dogs do need to be taught good manners by having rules and training.

Recommended reading.. Gwen Bailey - The perfect Puppy. John Rogerson - The Dog Vinci Code.

The Blue Cross web site... Leaflets

Clicker training can be very helpful if trained correctly, please contact me for this service.

* Training classes are NOT always suitable for every dog especially if they have had a bad experience and are very fearful of other dogs and people. If they are anxious or bark at other dogs, training classes are again, NOT always suitable to begin with but better to start with individual training.

Reward training using praise, toys & treats should be fun for the dog and owner. By creating a positive atmosphere for each training session your dog will look forward to doing his best to please you.

All the family need to be consistent with commands & training techniques used, so not to cause confusion.

If you create a negative environment with harsh treatment your dog will be less than happy to attempt to learn anything. His fear of being punished will far outweigh his desire to please you.

Learn your dogs body language, is he fearful of a situation.

* But dogs do need to have GOOD MANNERS by having RULES that all the family adhere to.*

Consistency in training and the rewards used will create a well behaved, obedient dog that will be a great companion and friend no matter where you go.

BUT remember that all dogs are different whether a terrier or pastoral, hound a working, herding or guarding breed you need to put in extra time to achieve your goal.

Most people want calm, well behaved dogs that happily fit into family life.

Classes are for helping / teaching you to train your dog at home and other areas.

To have enjoyment and understanding of each other and to have confidence and control in every day situations.


If you decide to have a rescue or re-home a dog, try to find out as much about them as possible.

As with puppy training be sure to decide on what rules to have from day one.

If you feel sorry for a dog and let them take over, you may be letting your family in for problems.

Dogs need to feel safe, but good manners and rules are important.*