Behaviour Problems, 1-2-1 & Puppy training advice


Do you own a Rebel on Paws……?? or is there a specific problem with your dog you just can't fix ?

  I can and help and support you with many behavioural issues you may be experiencing with your canine companion by discussing and assessing the problem in order to develop a realistic plan to rehabilitate your dog. This would be done on a 1-2-1 basis.

After which you could then attend a small class of 3-4 to start to work around distractions.

   * Visit me for a consultation @ £20 per hour*

Some of the many issues may include:-  


Pulling on the Lead.                                                                                     

Jumping Up

Over excitement when visitors come round.                        

Nervous Behaviour,

Phobias and Fears (cars, fireworks, thunder)                                                 

Travel Problems                                                                                         

Simple Behaviour Issues  ie. Not coming when called or running off.            

Toilet Training Problems                                                                      

Excessive Barking

Destructive Behaviour ie. Chewing or Digging.

Separation Anxiety.

Unruly behaviour at Home.