Puppy Classes

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*Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy award scheme (6 week course) Price for course is £65.

  Contact me for application form, first come basis on course.

Unless I have received your application form and acknowledged it, your place may  not be available.* £20 Deposit* required, this secures your place.

Also, home visits and 1-2-1 sessions to suit you.

 Recommended reading.  Gwen Bailey - The Perfect Puppy. Also see..'Your puppy' page.

A puppy’s first year is very important. (The first few months even more so)

Come along and have fun with your dog through play and training. *But do not bring your dog if he's ill*

Educate early so preventing major problems later.

Establish rules, manners and consistency with training.

Puppies that are well socialised grow up to be friendly and happy with people and other animals, and make very successful pets.

The earlier you begin to train your puppy the easier it will be to have a well behaved dog.

**If you've not had a puppy before and feel that you need advice about anything please contact me.

As it is better to start training for good behaviour as soon as you get your pup.**  

Handling & grooming are also very important. (One of the instructors is a qualified dog groomer. Four Paws 838411)

Puppies will need to encounter a variety of different environments and situations.

This will provide an opportunity to become familiar with a wide range of different scents, sights and sounds.

Gradually accustom your puppy to car travel, traffic, crowds, the countryside and towns, also being left alone for short periods.

Here at Best K9 School we run Puppy Classes to enable to give you and your Puppy help and advice to start your journey together. 

 * Things to bring to classes... Collar (not choke chain) & lead (not a flexi type) many small puppy treats,   

    a toy (not squeaky) and a mat or blanket for your puppy to settle on.*

You can also enrol onto the Kennel Club Good Citizens Puppy Foundation Scheme which basically covers the following:-


a) Cleanliness and identification                                            

b) Recognition of basic health problems                                 

c) Health protection for the puppy

d) Walking on a loose lead                                                    6 Week course £65. 

e) Teething, chewing and daily routine                                   

f)  House training and separation anxiety

g) Returning when called

h) Socialisation with people and other dogs




Please contact me for further information.