BEST K9 SCHOOL. BIDDULPH.

                           * 1-2-1  Available most times.*      

                     Don't struggle with your dogs behaviour problems.

                     I have over 30 years of dog training experience.

                     Classes .... 6 week puppy course £65                                

                 Biddulph Moor Village hall Hot Lane, ST8 7HP



                                   SEPTEMBER 4th                                                          

                                   OCTOBER 16th

 Some dogs are who are anxious around others are not always suitable for class, these may need individual sessions first.                                           

Contact me for more information and application form.

                   Phone or text 07876 271463

  I also have excellent enclosed outside areas for training.*(contact me for details)

    (For 1-2-1 training. Pulling on lead, recall problems etc & groups)                                                                                                                                    

Hello, welcome to my web site

My name is Yvonne Kelsall PPDTI,QIDTI, KCAI (CD) (GCDTS) advanced Kennel Club Accredited Instructor 2007

in dog training and canine behaviour, endorsed by City & Guilds NPTC. 2010

I have been a dog training instructor since 1990.*

QIDTI (Qualified international Dog Training instructor) 2017

BIPDT I am an affiliated member  British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. 2003

PPDTI I am a Professional member of Pet Dog Training Instructors  which was achieved 2012

KCGCDS  The Kennel Club listed status for The Good Citizen Dog Training scheme.

I am an A1 examiner for all levels KCGCDS and judged a group for the Bronze test at Crufts 2016

RCDTBP.  Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners.


I Have been involved in Competition obedience for over 25 yrs  and competed. Winning a national final in 2013.

Open obedience show secretary since 2007.

 Also 'Rally Obedience' achieving the highest  level and title RL6 Ex.

 Also placed in the exciting new activity of 'Hoopers'.

 Crufts Gold display team 

I run Best K9 School a Dog Training and behaviour Kennel Club Accredited Instructor

Biddulph, Stoke On Trent,  Staffordshire, and Congleton Cheshire   areas.

*1-2-1 help & advice....Do you have problems at home, jumping up, not settling, chewing, barking, pulling on lead. Puppy training advice. Head collar & equipment advice.

CLASSES are at Biddulph Moor Village Hall. ( see 'Training' page)




I have owned and lived with dogs and other animals since a young child, including horses for over 50 years. My first dog was a toy poodle then a labrador, since then five GSD & a Golden retriever.

I became interested in dog training in 1984 when my young GSD Zola was attacked by another GSD that broke the chain it was tethered to and attacked her. She required stitches to her face. This incident totally altered her character and she became extremely anxious when approached by other noisy dogs. As a result, I attended a local dog club and in 1990 became more involved with classes and progressed to taking my own. Further to this I gained many recognised certificates and qualifications within the canine world. Starting my own club with 1-2-1 training sessions 2002.                                                                                                                                                     

The dog on left is Tara who I adopted at the age of 4.5 years.

She had many health and behaviour problems, but I worked through the issues and she became a good member of the family, going on holidays, competing at dog shows before passing away at 14.5 years of age.


I am passionate about my role and believe in promoting responsible dog ownership as an important aspect in today’s busy lifestyle. Using reward based training (see 'my approach')


In 2010 The KCAI Scheme was endorsed by The City and Guilds NPTC. I was invited to take part in the presentation at Crufts.

I have attended courses and seminars over the years to gain knowledge and experience.  


 KCAI - Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Advanced at 2 levels. 2007. With.. City & Guilds

 BIPDT - (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers)  2002/2003

  Kennel Club approved A1 examiner for the  Good Citizen Dog Scheme (KCGCDS) all levels.   2004

 One of the first to be KCAI Accredited at advanced level for the above KCGCDS.

 ADTB- (Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour) all levels. 2004

PPDTI-  Pet Dog Training instructor 2012

QIDTI - Qualified International dog Training Instructor 2017

KC RALLY.Passed KC judging exam- requirements of Rally Judge.. *regulations & practical.

KC Competition Obedience.  Qualified judge 2006 (*as above). Competed over 20 years.

Registration Council for Dog Trainers and Behaviour Practitioners.


JOHN ROGERSON.. (World renowned)  QIDTI and The Northern Institute for Canine Behaviour.

'Aggression'- 4 days  course,2004.

  Also ... Dogs in class 2013.     Harper Adams Uni. 3 days 2015. 

 'Reactive Dogs' course 18/19 June 2016, Zoom conference 10.4.21

 KEELE University - Understanding your Dog Problems and Prevention  Assessed work with credits 2004/5. -                                                                                                                          

 REASEHEATH College (pass) certificates. Canine care & welfare-THE PUPPY. Also AGGRESSION

 Tellington Touch                                                                            

  PDTI national conferences 2012-18                                                                  Dog             nutrition                     

   First Aid and Canine Care.                                                                                 Pro-Trainings PetAid.

   Animal Physiotherapy.                                                                                      Clicker workshops.

   UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists ....                                                          Agility seminars & workshops.

    Pack Interaction                                                                                                 Dog Law seminar.

   Constructional Aggression Treatment.                                                           Defibrillator & CPR training

    Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression – Barbara Sykes                KCAI Assessor training

    Emotional States in Companion Animals       – Peter Neville.                    KCAI seminars 2013

     Robert Alleyne.   'Trouble free Dog'   2015, 2016                                       KCGCDS seminar 12.11.15

     Reactive V responsive. S. Evans udip CTBM PDTI adv    3.4.16               Fear based issues. Anne McBride 2016

    Behavioural problems.     Prof Daniel Mills 22/4/17                                  Ian Dunbar, seminar  13.10.17  Teaching workshop.

     Denise Mcloed, Harper Adams Uni..                                                           Craig Ogalvie, Play and motivate. 26/10/19  

    .Robert Falconer, cognitive dog.7/8.4.18

     Heelwork To Music workshop, Kim Lydon. 6.5.18

      Canine Behaviour seminar. Angela White 9/9/18

      Rally sign changes, seminar 10/11/18                           

     Dog First aid & CPR (assessed) 8/12/19                       

Please have a look around my site and see if I can help you resolve your canine problems or concerns whether it be training, behavioural or competitive, so you can enjoy your best friend. 





             KCAI                                     RCDTBP                               Qualified International            BIPDT

       kennel Club                                                                             Dog training Instructor

      Accredited                                                                                           QIDTI