Rally involves you & your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform, such as...
Sit, down
left turn
weave, serpentine.
send over jump.  
It comprises of different levels,  starting at 1 and top level is  6.

For more information go to KC link below.

I have attended  and passed KC Rally regulation and judging procedure.
 Also attended a KC Rally practical judging seminar.  

I have 'TOP' Rally level 6 excellent title (RL6ex)   
      *Contact me for availability.*    at   Biddulph Moor.                                                                          
            NEXT  March  20th & 21st 2018  
         Wednesday     8pm - 9pm        £5.  per session                                                                                                             
    Rally achievements bellow.                          Tasha & I  have level 6 title.. RL6 excellent.


                                                                                                Bury 15.8.15 Level 6 line up
      Rally achievements..                   
Maddie 1st  L4.      Zac 1st  L2.     7/5/17

  14.2.16 Glen RL6 title above.  

1st & 4th L6 Runcorn 5/6/16
 Zac 3rd , Maddie 2nd & 6th at their first competition 12/2/17.
 At their 2nd show ,Zac L1 ex,
Maddie Level 1 & 2 Ex.1&2. 4/17
Maddie Level 4, Zac L2ex,2/7/17

Sandra & Bradley, their 1st qualifier.
Anglesey 9/4/17


Tag's first Rally 18.7.15 full points & 3rd.

Tag & Shimmy both 1st  April 2016

 Glen & Scott after first Rally show. April 6th 2015.                      Bumbleridge's Naughty N' Nice         Above Helens dogs.    Wispa 1st,   Shimmy 4th,
 At their 2nd show 1st & 2nd places. Now level 3&4. 12/4/15.                JW, ShCH, Snr WT, RL2             Buuk & Shimmy now in RL 3/4  26.9.15
 Runcorn 31.5.15  Two  x 1st places & 3rd .( Glen & Scott  RL4 ex  )     
"25.7.15 Scott 1st L5, Glen 2nd L4 .. Both  now working L6.