The Gold Team Crufts 2018/19 & 2020
Chris, Maddie & myself Gold Team,

Paige & Pebbles,Andrea & Alfie, me & Vikki
Myself & Vikki, Puppy display  Crufts 2018
  1st Aid award
Paige Jepson  YKC , obedience, GCDS special Pre Beginners , handling CRUFTS 2017
 Chris Sherwin & Maddie,  Myself    2017
  Gold  display team 2017
 Helen Fletcher & Shimmy.   
   Obreedience team  2017
 Gold display team..25th Anniversary in the Arena
  Chris & Maddie.
 Myself waiting to go in....
Gold Display Team Group Photo

CRUFTS 2016                                                

Judging, Bronze Good Citizen test Thursday


Paige and Poppy came 1st in YKC Special Pre Beginners Obedience. They were 1st in their age group and overall winner.
Paige also showed her younger dog Puzzle in YKC handling class.

Chris & Maddie Silver Display Team.                             Val Lether with Lilly passed Bronze Test Sunday. (left of judge)    Jenny Taylor with Molly (Far right)
Jenny & Molly Bronze Test.


From Left to right

Puzzle & Poppy with Paige Jepson competing in YKC Handling,                            Paige & Puzzle, Myself with Chris & Maddie at Crufts.
Grooming and Pre beginner Obedience.

Sue Nicholls-Ward with Mattie judging Spanish Water dog.

Myself Judging Bronze Good Citizen Tests Thursday.
Sandra Stevens with Bradley in Gold Good Citizen Display Team

CRUFTS 2015 

Paige with Poppy & Puzzle, YKC & Breed

Poppy 1st grooming, reserve overall.

 Sue with Cinders & Mattie, Breed showing
Mattie 2nd veteran showing

    Lesley & Ellie, Good citizen obedience.


    Chris & Maddie,Silver display team

     Paige , Puzzle & Poppy

      Breed showing Aslan &

  Dora.  Pagency Leonbergers.

Chris & Maddie, Silver team


                                                                                                 CRUFTS 2008                                    
 Good Citizen Bronze display
Peggy, Cath,Chris,Jodie & Myself.
 Catherine & Jack at the gate
      KCAI City & Guilds             presentation       crufts 2010
 Hazel KCAI Crufts 2011

                                                           How to pose...' With my friends', James Martin & Jason Platto at Goodwood car show 2014

  Brabyns Park, Stockport.                                                   Tasha & Nigel at Congleton carnival.                                             Follow the leader



                                                                                                                Crufts 2012                                                                   

                                                               Paige & Poppy, Sue & Lacey, Claire & Cooper, Chris & Libby, Lydia & Red.


                                                                             CR UFTS 2012

               Chris and Libby

             Silver display team

               Paige and Poppy

     Young Kennel Club Obedience

          Paige and Poppy

   YKC Grooming competition

Silver Display Team

 Sue with Mattie


 Sue with Lacey

      Lesley & Ellie after winning good citizen class June 2012                                        
      This qualifies them for the semi finals for Crufts  2013 
 Congleton carnival July 2012. Chris driving (vehicle travel demo)                         Start of heelwork to music display
                           Paige & Poppy. Sue & Mattie                                                             Chris & Libby, Paige,  Michelle & Donny     









 Chris  & Libby.     Bronze Good Citizen display. (8/3/13)