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Children & Dogs KC Safe & Sound.                          Four Paws  Dog Grooming
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Puppy plan.

The Kennel Club have recently sent out this press release entitled Don't Cook Your Dog please click on the link below and support their campaign.
Click on the link below for information on common canine poisons.

Puppy socialisation plan from The Kennel Club & Dogs Trust

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 The control of dogs order 1992
This mandates that any dog in a public place (even a vehicle) must wear a collar with the name (not the dogs) and address of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag.
 Your telephone number is optional (but advisable).

Micro chipping is compulsory from April 2016

Children and Dogs.
Visit The Kennel Clubs Safe & Sound Scheme. Which includes 'The Safety Factor challenge game.'

Christmas treats and decorations can be very appealing to dogs and extremely harmful.    Be aware that these following items  are dangerous if eaten.
Chocolate, grapes and raisins,  Xylitol, a sweetner found in many sugar-free sweets is also dangerous. Car anti-freeze is sweet tasting and irresistible,   but fatal to dogs (and cats) even a small amount can kill.
Poinsettias and amaryllis along with mistletoe are poisonous and can cause mouth  & stomach irritation, even a small amount can be toxic.

 Can strike dogs with a sense of  terror which can lead to injury. Not only are fireworks and bonfires particularly dangerous to dogs themselves, but the fear  they cause can make a dog behave out of character, such as chewing themselves, and may increase the risk of a dog bolting and running out into traffic. It is advisable for dog owners to keep their dogs safe inside the house and to create a stress-free environment where the dog can retreat.